Early spring fashion - windbreaker

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No matter what style you are, there is always a windbreaker in your spring wardrobe.

The most classic khaki windbreaker has a very high appearance rate from bloggers’ street photography to daily life. It is worn repeatedly every year, but it is not tired of wearing it.

Some people love its neatness and neatness, so they always choose those wide and large versions to wear.

Girls who want to look slender also like to wear trench coats, choose a style that fits well and wear a belt, and the curves are natural.

Although khaki trench coats are the most classic, if you already have several coats of the same color, try other colors, such as restrained navy blue and black.

It is also easy to come up with new ideas in matching, following a large area of windbreaker colors, such as army green colliding with BV green, caramel brown mixed with bright red prints, it is very fashionable.

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ice cream color suit

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If a suit jacket is worn in summer, then the choice of color must be a gentle and cool color. This not only neutralizes the stereotyped seriousness of the suit itself, but also gives people a visual tonality that is casual without losing temperament. Combining different collocations, it is suitable for various occasions, whether it is daily commuting, or casual cocktail parties, even if you are a street cool girl, you can also create a unique taste.

If you are a lazy girl, choose a loose and large size version, you only need to casually put on a pair of sneakers you wear most often to go out, and it will also be a high-turning look in the crowd.

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The trendiest pair of pants this summer

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This year is different. When the weather is hot, I find that fashion bloggers and celebrities at home and abroad seem to be obsessed, all wearing the same jeans - Baggy Jeans.

It is easy to wear and looks good, wear shirts, sweaters, T-shirts, vests, lazy and casual.

You can go out directly with a pair of sneakers or even flip-flops. It looks so chic.

Its version is close to straight pants, but it is much looser, so it is particularly tolerant to the figure. The bamboo pole figure will not look too dry, and the slightly fat figure not only covers the flesh, but with long trousers, it also shows long legs.

Baggy Jeans is one of the most popular items in the 1980s and 1990s. Musicians who used to rock and sing hip-hop love to wear them. They represent an unfettered and unrestrained coolness.

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The most fashionable and thin sportswear should be worn like this

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Sports bra+ Jacket

This combination is one of the most common and easy-to-learn ways to wear,  it does not require any skills.

The first thing to pay attention to is the color of the inner sports bra. Of course, the most infallible ones are black, white and gray.

But for hipsters, these three colors are obviously too low-key, and it is not enough to blow up the street. At this time, you can work hard on the coat. A thick fluorescent coat can show your personality and at the same time be enough to keep out the cold.

The second thing to note is that you should choose the type of jacket according to your body shape. Whether the type of outerwear you wear with a sports bra is a suit, baseball uniform, leather jacket or windbreaker, it needs to suit your style and figure.

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